Bilal Polson, Ed. D - Principal

Dr. Bilal Polson, since December 2007 served the students and families of Northern Parkway Elementary School in Uniondale, NY as assistant principal. Upon graduation from the prestigious LaGuardia High School of the Performing Arts, Bilal received his undergraduate degree from New York University. He studied Movement Therapy at the University of California, Los Angeles and holds degrees from Adelphi University in education and in educational administration from Hofstra University. Principal Polson received his doctoral degree in educational leadership at Hofstra University in May 2013. The National Council of Teachers of English recognized Dr. Polson for his pilot qualitative study, Classroom Teacher Awareness of Students’ Literacy Lives, at the 2010 NCTE national conference in Orlando, FL, by awarding him the CEE Diversity Grant. As a member of the Board of Governors for the Early Childhood Education Assembly (ECEA) of National Council of Teachers of English (NTCE) he was recently voted to serve a term as the treasurer for the ECEA. In addition he has presented at American Educational Research Association (AERA), University Council for Educational Administration (UCEA), National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) Annual Conventions and The Technical Assistance Center on disproportionality (TACD) Summer Institutes.  Dr. Polson currently serves as co-director for the PDCRT project, initiated by the Affirmative Action Committee of the Early Childhood Education Assembly (ECEA) of National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) for the cohort 2015-2017. Dr. Polson co-authored a peer reviewed journal article entitled Engaging Teachers, Families and Children in Multiple Literacies published in the Journal of Family Strengths, University of Houston (2015). Courageous Leadership a manuscript published by Teachers College Press (2016) features a book chapter co-authored by Dr. Polson was released in February, 2016. He enjoys living in Bay Shore, NY with his wife Patty and sons, Aliasha and Malachi.

Dr. Sheilah Jefferson-Isaac- Assistant Principal

Dr. Sheilah Jefferson-Isaac is currently serving as an assistant principal at Northern Parkway Elementary School in Uniondale, New York. With over twenty-five years as a professional educator, her guiding educational philosophy is to empower students to become independent, creative thinkers. Her doctoral work focused on increasing the mathematical potential of those traditionally underrepresented in mathematically related fields. Dr. Jefferson-Isaac’s favorite motto and Twitter hashtag, #learningisjoyful, reminds us that school should be filled with joyful learning experiences.